Experience younger, healthier looking skin with state of the art LED technology!  Skin appears naturally smoother, tighter, and more radiant with each treatment.  Photo-Rejuvenation Facials use specific wavelengths of natural red and infrared light energy to stimulate skin at the cellular level.

Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye but penetrates deeper than any other color in the spectrum. Infrared light combats the signs of aging, replenishes dermal and epidermal cells, and speeds up the healing process. It is used to de-age the skin and accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts, and damage.

Your skin has the ability to absorb infrared light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. Photo Rejuvenation Infrared LED light therapy, first researched by NASA for use in the U.S. Space Program, can reverse and control thevisible signs of aging and helpyou look years younger without harsh chemical treatments or invasive surgical procedures. Dramatic tightening of skin, smoothing of wrinkles and rough spots, disappearing blemishes, softening of redness, and shrinking of pore size can be achieved with this natural light treatment.


Red LED Light
Red LED light has the ability to reach down into all the layers of the skin where it rejuvenates, stimulates collagen production, prompts cellular repair, and increases circulation promoting a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Red and infrared LED lights work synergistically to deliver optimal skin rejuvenation. This combination of LED lights is ideal for deeper lines and wrinkles, scarring, and promoting a more even skin tone.  Light therapy offers a powerful yet gentle means for obtaining more beautiful skin. It gives you the opportunity to treat an array of skin concerns without chemicals, drugs, or invasive measures. The skin responds quickly and very positively to the different colors in the spectrum.


Orange LED Light
Orange light helps to revitalize the skin. It has been shown to bring vitality to dull and lifeless complexions. Orange light is good for bringing a glow to the skin for special occasions. It also reduces the appearance of redness, swelling and inflammation. It is beneficial for rosacea and for treating sunburns.

Blue LED Light
Blue light therapy has been proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to kill the acne causing bacteria, P. acnes. It prevents and treats mild to moderate acne. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and sooth inflammation.



What is LED Light Therapy?

Photo rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy is the use of various colors of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that create an anti-aging effect on the skin.  Exact wavelengths of light emitted from LED's stimulate and energize cellular activity, which in turn creates collagen and elastin for Anti-Aging benefits. LED Light Therapy has become recognized as one of the safest, quickest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger-looking skin.  It's referred to by several different names including: Photo-Rejuvenation, Anti-aging LED Light Therapy, LED Light Therapy or Red/Yellow Light Therapy.


Is LED Light Therapy a laser?

The LED Light Therapy is not a laser treatment.  Lasers utilize a highly focused and coherent beam of a specific light frequency, and can generate enormous heat and energy at the focal point.  Light from LEDs is not focused, is non-coherent, and generates no heat.  LED Light Therapy is non-invasive, with no down time, requires no surgery, no harsh chemicals, no lasers, no numbing cream, or recovery time.

Currently researchers & scientists agree that LEDs are effective in generating a response within living tissue and hence has a therapeutic effect if used properly. NASA has produced the best research documentation to date supporting the effectiveness of LEDs to stimulate plants and human tissue. 


Is there any scientific proof of Photo Rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy?

Unlike many technologies on the market today, LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of universities, medical labs and most importantly NASA.  There have actually been over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology.


Is Photo Rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy safe?

Yes, it is safe and completely non-invasive.  It has been used for years in numerous medical procedures, medical spas, the offices of aestheticians and dermatologists, and by consumers around the world.


Are there any side effects or downtime involved from the treatments?

No.  There have been no reported adverse side effects like redness or irritation from the treatment, and the light does not damage skin in any way.


Will LED treatments hurt or be painful?

Not at all.  Because there's no heat involved, there's no pain!  Unlike lasers or other ablative (skin harming) treatments, LED treatments are non-thermal, non-ablative, and non-invasive.  Clients report no discomfort or pain associated with LED treatments.


How long until I see results?

Everyone's skin varies, but most people begin to feel and see a difference after a series of just 5 treatments.   Often the first improvement noticed is that the skin pores are becoming smaller, and for ladies, their makeup starts going on much smoother.   Because of differences in damaged skin, from age, skin condition, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, etc., some people will see the benefits almost immediately and others will need more treatments. 


Do LED Treatments work on everyone?

LED treatments are proven to work on all skin types.  There is an over 90% success rate for people using LED light therapy.


Can I combine LED treatments with other skin care products?

Yes, you can.  LED treatments can be used alone or with other skin care treatments.  In fact your results will happen faster and be more dramatic if used with a high quality anti-aging or moisturizing skin care product.   The LED treatments help maximize the benefits of our micro current facial.