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We here at Edge are dedicated to helping you change the way you look at your wellness, by guiding you to regain and maintain control of your health so you are able to enjoy life as it should be; Happy and Healthy!

Our team will help you make your health a priority with methods that are based on a holistic foundation and are backed by years of training and experience.

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When I came into Edge wellness, I had low energy, a stiff neck, and headache.  I’d tried medications and other chiropractors, but Dr. Heidi has helped me.  Dr. Heidi and her staff are awesome, courteous, knowledgeable and accommodating.  My headaches are better and I’ve even experienced a boost to my energy level.  My entire experience with Edge Wellness has been above par.  Dr. Heidi is the bomb.

Wesley H.

“I am so pleased to be experiencing such amazing results from acupuncture.  I am decreasing my prescription medications and hope to be off of them soon with my prescribing physician’s authorization.  I no longer need over the counter pain medications for my plantar fasciitis!  Acupuncture, by Dr. Heidi, has changed my health for the better!”

Susan A.

“Well, Shape Reclaimed was the answer to my prayers.  I embraced the program and lost a total of 60 pounds – feeling great now at 144 pounds!  Stacy and Dr. Heidi were wonderful support to me through the journey.  When I had questions, or seemed a little confused, they were there every step of the way.  That was a real comfort to me.”

M. F.

“Using dr heidi as my coach, in one word gave me “hope.”  She was nonjudgmental to my situation and encouraged me even on tough days to see myself as others do—a beautiful and happy wife and mother.  It was life changing for me and now I am proud of myself and the changes that are evolving in my life.”

Stephanie T.

“I’ve tried other facials in the past to reduce the fine lines around my mouth.  I tried several anti-wrinkle creams to rejuvenate my tired, dull skin.  Then I tried the Acupuncture Facial protocol at Edge Chiropractic and halfway through my treatments I was already noticing a definite diminishing of my fine lines.  My skin is brighter and more toned.  I’ve even started sleeping better and have had less pain in the shoulder I fractured 8 months prior.  People ask me about my skin and comment on how good it looks!”

JoDee F.


Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness go hand in hand here at Edge Wellness. Dr. Heidi and her staff believe there are many components to both. Health, the physical aspect of your body, is addressed through Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Acupuncture. Wellness, the emotional portion of your being, can be improved through stress management, coaching, and self-improvement.


Age Management

Our modalities are intended to encourage people to reassess how they think about beauty and aging. All of our services offer a preventative alternative to cosmetic surgery and other invasive procedures. They include a holistic approach, and address the patient as a whole to enhance both beauty and longevity, while promoting quality of life, all with a more youthful appearance.