About Us

Edge Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC is conveniently located in O'Fallon IL, just a short drive from anywhere in the metro east and even the St Louis area. We welcome the chance to meet you and introduce you to our staff and services

In addition to Chiropractic care, services such as Acupuncture, Adrenal/Cortisol Stress Testing, the Shape-Reclaim Anti-inflammatory program, Biomat Therapy, Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Coaching will help you regain your health.

Dr Heidi through assessment will make her recommendation as to what programs and services are best for you and best fit your goals.


Meet Dr. Heidi

Finding a reliable and trustworthy chiropractor doesn't have to be a stressful experience.  Dr. Heidi is passionately committed to her patient's care.  Here is a brief introduction to who she is:

Dr. Heidi Westra Brocke

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, & Coach

Bio: After nearly 20 years in the Chiropractic profession Dr. Heidi is now more than ever committed to her patients care. Today she finds herself firmly planted in her practice in O'Fallon, IL, however through coaching is able to extend her care to people nationwide. She brings a positive and practical approach to her patients needs.  Dr. Heidi believes in the importance of finding ways to fit wellness into anyone's busy schedule.  She knows that her patients have full, busy lives and her job is to help keep them healthy so they are able to enjoy them. Dr. Heidi becomes more than just a clinician for her patients. They often turn to her for advice on many areas of life improvement.  Her approachable and caring attitude often lead her patients to comment that they feel like they are talking to a friend instead of their.doctor!

She is a proud 1997 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and a Certified Acupuncturist.  She is an excelled nutritionist and a Toxic Relationship Awareness and Healing Specialist.  She is a proud wife and mother. She looks forward to the opportunity to meet you soon!

Meet the team


Denise Thompson
Licensed Massage Therapist

A firm believer in the connection between body and mind, Denise is an advocate of massage for the proven benefits of relieving physical as well as emotional stress.  As an Edge Wellness team member, she strongly supports massage as a viable modality for enhancing overall health and well-being. Her approach is perceptive, guided by intuition and excellent knowledge of physical anatomy, understanding of kinesiology and the energetic anatomy.


Angela Houston
Administrative Assistant

As a busy mother of two young children and a proud wife of a U.S Veteran, Angela always makes coming into Edge Wellness a welcoming experience.  From booking your initial appointment to helping you choose the right plan for your needs, she's there to help every step of the way and to answer any of your questions about our many wonderful services.


Melissa Naranjo
Microcurrent Facial Technician

Lead facial technician at Edge Chiropractic, Melissa dedicates her time to perfecting women's skin with our Microcurrent Facial system.  She has a passion for her clients and is always coming up with innovative ways to make this already fabulous facial even more special.  Her two teenage daughters are very active in soccer and her dedication to her family on and off the field makes her an inspiration not just at home but also here at Edge.