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Supplement of the Month


March Supplement of the Month

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For more than 40 million Americans, allergies brings seasonal challenges, some extreme enough to keep you behind closed doors. But allergies affect you even indoors, making the seasonal allergy an inescapable problem.

It's time to learn about Edge Wellness's March Supplement of the Month!

Orthomolecular's pharmaceutical-grade line of supplements includes Natural D-Hist, an all-natural approach to the misery of seasonal allergies. To counteract the effects of an overworked immune system, there's no need to look any further than nature itself! There are several antioxidants, flavonoids, and botanicals that have proven their effect against seasonal challenges.

D-Hist is designed to boost your immune function during allergen attacks, support your histamine levels, enhance the absorption of enzymes and antioxidants, support mucosal tissue health, and clear your airways; everything an allergy medication provides but in an all-natural, non-drowsy formula.

You can find Natural D-Hist at our office and this month and you can purchase this supplement for 20% off. Call the office at (618) 632-2000 to ask a staff member if Natural D-Hist is the solution to your seasonal allergies!