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Supplement of the Month


May Supplement Special


COVID-19 has affected several areas of our lives, adding additional stress to our daily life. More than ever, we could use better sleep cycle, less anxiety, and an increase in our general positivity and memory.


Orthomolecular's pharmaceutical-grade line of supplements includes Cerenity, designed to address your increasing daily stress by increasing your serotonin. People with high-stress jobs (or those who are not working remotely or who have lost their jobs entirely) and little-to-no down time (due to work, homeschooling, or the inability to leave their home and socialize) often find themselves responding to this increase in stress negatively. Increasing the serotonin levels aids in leveling this response.


When I'm recommending supplements to my patients, a key indicator I listen for is stress level. How anxious are you feeling? Do you feel hurried and stressed throughout the day? Do you have a difficult time calming down? Do you find your energy level depleting before the day is over?

I have seen a proven difference in the lives of my patients who take Cerenity, both in their visual response to stress and with the testimonies they bring into the office after trying them.

We carry Cerenity in the office, and this month you can purchase this supplement for 20% off. Call the office at (618) 632-2000 to ask if it would be a beneficial addition to your supplement regimen.

We can ship your order to you!

Can't make it into the office? No problem! Let us know when you call to order your supplements that you'd like them shipped directly to your home, and we'll add on a small shipping charge and then ship your order directly to you.