Supplement of the Month


Year Supplement Sale through August 15th!

Yearly Supplement Sale

Don't wait till your supplement is on sale during one of our monthly promotions! Order what you need now. Running low on your multi-vitamin? Mitocore and Wholemune are both 15% off! Having difficult managing your stress level or having difficulty focusing throughout the day? Cerenity, Cerenity PM, and Cerevive are all on sale for 15% off! Summer allergens have you reaching for the tissue box continously? Natural D-Hist is 15% off!

Virus fighters! Collagen and skin boosting supplements! Muscle relaxants and adrenal suppplementation! It's all 15% off!

Dr. Heidi will be out of the office on a well-deserved family vacation from August 19th through the 23rd, so this sale will be in effect through August 15th!

Schedule your appointments before August 15th and save on your supplementation when you come in!

If you would like us to reserve any supplements for you before your appointment or before you're able to make it into our office, please give us a call the office at (618) 632-2000, and we will be happy to place your supplements aside for you or add you to our shipment order.

*Supplement holds will be kept for no longer than 2 weeks, after which we will need to release the products back onto the shelf.